Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wading into Tyto ...

Wee access problem at Tyto today. Bit of water on the track, as you see, after three days of rain (a January of it, in fact). Waded in briefly, but there wasn't too much sense or point to the exercise. 

Much of the water will get away rapidly, given a break from more downpours and depending how much is roiling down the Herbert River, just to the north of Ingham and subject nearer outlet to sea surges.

So I settled for a few watery pictures. And since in grumpy mood for want of birding offer a jaundiced view of architecture designed to get 'most bang for the buck'. 

The Tyto Info Centre's kite roof and slanting stanchions - at such odds with the otherwise pleasing verticals and horizontals - don't fly with me, though I've nothing against 'industrial-functional' design and materials. (My preference would have been for a huge steel Queenslander: all verandas and stark square simplicity).

The new motel across the road picked up the theme and did a better job, then ruined it all with clashing brick external landscaping! Grumpy bits end there.

Here's a view from the rear of the info centre. Under about one-metre too much water, some of the paperbarks are actually islands within a series of manmade small lagoons, through which a boardwalk will lead to a raised cultural/restaurant complex with extensive southwest views of lagoons and 'savannah' woodlands, to 'old' Tyto's present eastern boundary. 

Also tried for a view of the main lagoon from the old shire dump close to sports grounds on the northern boundary. But it started to rain again. Naturally, it stopped right after I'd cycled the 3km back to the caravan park. Oops! No, that's not really a grumpy bit. Nice and dry inside as I post this. See?  ;-))))


mick said...

A touch of "cabin fever" there? Photos are spectacular!

Boobook said...

OMG. Water everywhere! It's gaspingly hot here this week and not a drop of rain in sight.

Tyto Tony said...

'Fraid so, Mick. I've started mumbling to myself too!

Hi Boobook: I suppose it seems doubly unfair for us up here. Water, water everywhere, mostly, even when it's hot and dry. And no great fire risks.

Play it safe down there, all those in the various hot spots!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
I am amazed you get out and about at all in that weather.
Agree with you about the architecture (if that's not too grant a term for it).
I have just written about how Victoria's problems are not with the weather, but our belief that we can build buildings to fight the weather, not work with it. Your comment about the old Queenslander is exactly right - buildings built to suit the climate, not deny it.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Tony,
That info centre - oh gawd, your comments are spot on.
I'm not even going to mention the amount of water I can see in those pics!

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Denis,

I get out. But the good camera stays home, high and dry.

Gidday Gouldae,

And there are a few temporary water hazards on the flat racecourse/golf course, which is part of flat Ingham's highest ground.

Duncan said...

Tony, do you think we could dig a ditch downhill to Gippsland to get some of that lovely water? My garden needs some.

Tyto Tony said...

Working on it, Duncan. Every northern river being diverted inland. Called in Roman legions and engineers. Best in the world. de Lesseps turned me down. Got a prat called Guy (or is that a guy called Pratt?) promising new-tech cardboard canals. Can't start till tomorrow, after Elle (the weather body, not the super body) passes by.

HelenJ said...

That is a LOT of water! I hope it will disappear before it causes too much problems. /Helen

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Helen,

If only. Tropical Cyclone Ellie downgraded overnight but we still copped more rain - with even more to come. But no howling winds, so that's a blessing of sorts. And so far as I no nobody's in major trouble.

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