Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beating the grey skies

Rain. Showers. Threat of rain. Well, it is the Wet season. But the real rain has been falling well to the west or north of Ingham and it's been frustratingly hard to read the morning sky. I don't mind the rain, but the camera's not so keen. Even when there's no rain, the grey skies make bird photography something of a washout without plenty of flash power (which I lack).

One or two chances have offered themselves however. There's this Brown-backed Honeyeater from a sunnier moment a few days ago. And the juvenile Crimson Finch (below) with its spot of coming breast colour.

The stop-start weather has made short-term nonsense of my predicted inflow of birds chasing small fish as they thrash upstream into flooded grasslands. But all will come to pass!

In the meantime, looking for more birding stuff? Try I And The Bird 91  Lots of interesting bits - and an amusing false link that makes Kiwis Australian!


mick said...

I've been away - so am going to comment on 3 at once! I enjoyed the Tyto moments (now I have to come up with my own thanks to Duncan!) the flower is magnificent, but the bird photos are fantastic and a real challenge for me to learn to do better.

Tyto Tony said...

Good luck with your moments, Mick. As to bird pix, I gaze in awe at some of the stuff out there. Have to be realistic though. We can't often match the pros for quality of gear and top end software and its use. But we can beat them with our magic moments!

Denis Wilson said...

Nice point (in your commnent) Tony.
Its the writing, as much as the pixels which make this such fun, and such a rewarding interest.

Tyto Tony said...

Gidday Denis,

Must confess I was thinking more of unique picture events, but, yes, many bloggers have it all over the photo pros when it comes to content and writing. (In newspapers, the mangled English of photogs often drives subs to despair. The mangled E. of reporters and subs still drives editors to D.)

Duncan said...

I with you re lack of light Tony, took a lot of photos on a grey day Sunday and only kept two. They weren't prize winners either!

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