Friday, July 16, 2021

Breakfasting Osprey sees off cheeky Black Kites

Osprey's breakfasting turns to alarm as pair of Black Kites swoop in looking to steal the catch at Town Common Conservation Park this morning.

So, fly over to nearby nest and drop fish off with partner.

Then, rise to see off cheeky kites. One or two close dives enough to see them off. Don't know if fish was returned. Likely not, sharing being a sometime thing with the Osprey pair.


Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Spangled Drongos diving and ducking

Spangled Drongos busy diving and ducking during bath time at Melaleuca viewing area in the Town Common today.

Canon R5 eye capture focus doing job better than my hand-arm tracking. 

And dying grass way off in background brought bonus bokeh.

Earlier, Australian Raven dropped in for drink close to Payet Tower.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Brown Goshawk launches to latch onto early lunch

Brown Goshawk launches from open perch on way to grabbing unidentified insect from patch of leucaena in Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park this morning.

Luck with me because bird dropped onto low perch to start ripping into prey.

Feeding continued on higher branch of nearby tree after bird decided I'd got too close.

Earlier, bit of uncommon colour on roughly cleared foredune with eight Galahs feeding on fallen terminalia nuts. First sighting for me of species at the park.  


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Little Kingfisher featuring in previous post finally stopped teasing me and sat still at roadside culvert pool in Town Common, Townsville, today. 

Luck continued later on with Rufous Fantail presenting out in the open - best posing I've had from the species in about 15 years.

Rainbow Bee-eater rounded out happy morning.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Look sharp about all the noise for Denoise

You must try Topaz Denoise! After being told by so many so often, I have.  On a free trial. Which proved trickier to set up, as these things too often are.

Anyway. The results? Noisy shots. Noise gone. Great. But good shots without noise don't become great. The Topaz sharpening tools don't work any magic. (Watermark part of free trial)

Forced to use high ISOs? Topaz does trick. Looking for magic on already good shots? Dream on!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Eagle eyes and stork stalk finds birds but not nests

Bit of a slog through chest-high grass hiding many fallen trees along former sand road running north-south from near Jacana hide in Town Common Cons. Pk, Townsville, today hunting for possible White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest. Found one bird.

Think now birds are maybe using tree only as night-roost and day-perch. The pair have had two nests in dead tree close to cycle/walk track collapse in past three years.

Better photographic result today from ongoing effort to find nest of Black-necked Storks somewhere close to samphire flats at northeast of the Common, behind Pallarenda suburbia. Got lucky enough to just fit bird into full frame shot. But of the nest? No luck whatsoever.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Brown Goshawk drops in for brekkie banter

Gidday. Just flying up this track and thought I'd drop in and have a dekko for bit of brekkie. Scared? Why'd I be scared of you, standing over there like a daggy, baggy old scarecrow?

Yes, of course I'm a Brown Goshawk. See my glowering brow? See my rounded tail? See my strong legs? Yeah, I know about that stroppy young Collared Sparrowhawk. Little upstart causing confusion. He'd just better stay out of my way, that's all I'll say.

Hey, there's something moving up the track a bit. Looks right up my alley. See you later . . . 

Rare, up-close meeting with Brown Goshawk in Town Common Conservation Park, Townsville, Saturday morning.

Breakfasting Osprey sees off cheeky Black Kites

Osprey's breakfasting turns to alarm as pair of Black Kites swoop in looking to steal the catch at Town Common Conservation Park this mo...