Monday, July 29, 2019

Boar War survivor shot today by Canon

Minutes after finding second dead boar killed lately by illicit overnight hunter/s and dog/s in Townsville Town Common a probable family litter-member trotted into view this morning. Didn't know how lucky he was to be shot only by Canon 1DX and 'bazooka' 600mm lens.

Elsewhere, used Troopy as mobile hide yesterday to drive within eight metres of Zebra Finches in Chinee Apple growing near Belgian Gardens Cemetery. Only one posed unobscured by twigs.

Nearby, Golden-headed Cisticola also ignored high-top Troopy nudging through high grasses.

On foot, got lucky with young Swamp Harrier flying low down overgrown creek. Swerved away quickly after spotting me standing on road crossing the creek but not before staying in focus just long enough for five sharp frames.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Ravenous Raven catches House Gecko outdoors

Australian Raven catches up with Asian House Gecko in Townsville Common today. Bird began ripping at dead branch in tree near Payet Tower, followed fragments to ground and snatched gecko from the debris. Seconds later, gecko gone!

And just up the road Green Tree Frog's last croaks led to search through trees and find of Blue-winged Kookaburra with doomed prey.

Another recent catch in Common, Osprey carries Tilapia back to nest atop comms mast near Pellarenda.

Yesterday, Australian Raven rips at kill far too big for it to be at without the illicit help of night hunters, presumably with dogs and bayonet/s. Happy to see pig numbers cut, not so happy about illicit hunting.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Little spot with little-seen Little Kingfisher

Found a quiet little spot to spend a little time lately with little-seen local Little Kingfisher. Seems to lack a partner, so all pictures presumed to be same bird.

Sharing the kingfisher's fishing hole, Striated Heron, one of a pair in the same Three Mile Creek, Townsville, mangroves.

And a Shining Flycatcher female, also possibly without partner, though this bird shows up infrequently and males generally keep more to the shadows.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Hide? They've got a hide calling some hides hides!

Bit of a vent about bad bird hides. Specifically one in Townsville Town Common Conservation Park. But with application to many, many hides. So, the hide. Lots of slots. However, limited angles. No seats. No benches. Ugly and intrusive. No way into the hide without being seen. 

Secondary vent: sprayed and slashed surrounds. Seems Queensland Parks and Wildlife puts cosmetic vistas for casual visitors wanting comfortable looks at hundreds of, say, Magpie Geese, or huge mobs of egrets and herons, ahead of natural habitat (full of troublesome weeds though it may be). But spraying and slashing creates dead zones, pushing the birds away.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Helmeted Friarbird tips foes through the tulips

Helmeted Friarbird takes break from chasing other birds from African Tulip Tree beside Mundy (or Mundi) Creek, Townsville, yesterday.

Other birds included jumpy juvenile White-eared Monarch.

And Little Friarbird, with liberal coating of pollen from the attractive flowers.

Pity that the tree is yet another of Australia's pest species. Far too prolific in the Wet Tropics for native trees struggling to compete with its vast seed production and superior growth rates.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The raptors are all looking down on me

White-bellied Sea-eagle takes a dim view of me possibly too close to her (probable gender) in Townsville Town Common Con. Pk today. Should be another set of eyes (juvenile) looking out from nearby nest soon.

Osprey overhead at dam wall. Several aborted plunges, two big splashes. No fish. But did see off presumed partner to female Sea-eagle.

Swamp Harrier skirmished briefly with Osprey and Sea-eagle before heading south out of their territories.

Black-shouldered Kite nowhere to be seen today. Hard stare came yesterday as I walked under dead tree much used by several raptor species near the airport fenceline.

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