Monday, July 29, 2019

Boar War survivor shot today by Canon

Minutes after finding second dead boar killed lately by illicit overnight hunter/s and dog/s in Townsville Town Common a probable family litter-member trotted into view this morning. Didn't know how lucky he was to be shot only by Canon 1DX and 'bazooka' 600mm lens.

Elsewhere, used Troopy as mobile hide yesterday to drive within eight metres of Zebra Finches in Chinee Apple growing near Belgian Gardens Cemetery. Only one posed unobscured by twigs.

Nearby, Golden-headed Cisticola also ignored high-top Troopy nudging through high grasses.

On foot, got lucky with young Swamp Harrier flying low down overgrown creek. Swerved away quickly after spotting me standing on road crossing the creek but not before staying in focus just long enough for five sharp frames.

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