Friday, July 19, 2019

Hide? They've got a hide calling some hides hides!

Bit of a vent about bad bird hides. Specifically one in Townsville Town Common Conservation Park. But with application to many, many hides. So, the hide. Lots of slots. However, limited angles. No seats. No benches. Ugly and intrusive. No way into the hide without being seen. 

Secondary vent: sprayed and slashed surrounds. Seems Queensland Parks and Wildlife puts cosmetic vistas for casual visitors wanting comfortable looks at hundreds of, say, Magpie Geese, or huge mobs of egrets and herons, ahead of natural habitat (full of troublesome weeds though it may be). But spraying and slashing creates dead zones, pushing the birds away.


mick said...

well, when you get the ones responsible up your way - how about fixing up some of the equally poor ones in other areas also sorted out??@!!!

Tyto Tony said...

Some chance! No fear of those of whom I'm about to speak reading this, but I've sometimes had the unworthy thought of looking for vandals to do my dirty work. Sadly, last year's huge blaze in the Common didn't so much as warm the offending hide.

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