Friday, January 8, 2010

Heron on post shows off for my post

White-faced Heron stands up and begs picture be taken at Tyto. The birds can develop some trust in people, but I've never found any around Ingham to have done so. In a past life as a mad golfer in New Zealand have almost brushed against the herons on footbridge handrails. Even this bird didn't let me closer than 20 metres.

Another bird not at all keen on people, even those who admire its delicate colouring, is the Pacific Heron. Not so strange really, I suppose, since the birds mostly prefer their own company and are more likely to be found wading quietly alone through open wetlands. No sign at all for months of their small lookalike, the Pied Heron. 


Denis Wilson said...

Lovely images of the gentle colouration of the WF Heron, Tony.
Pacific Herons are great, but as you say, they are wary creatures.

Snail said...

The w-f struck a very noble pose. It would have been impossible to resist!

I've given up trying to photograph Pacific herons!

Tyto Tony said...

I've had luck in past with Pacifics by using car as hide. Can't do that at Tyto :-(

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