Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chasing wren to a conclusion

Chased a male Red-backed Fairy Wren back and forth along a small area of swampy woodland track for about 15 minutes in Tyto today. The bird danced in and out of small trees, vine-hung pandanus, scrubby weeds and long grasses. The first result? A few so-so pictures, one with fresh-caught grasshopper (above). A strong argument for purchase of flash unit.

Result two? The wren hopped across some scraggly vines, one of which dangled interestingly. As small Amethystine Pythons do. It had almost certainly been in the same position throughout all my chase after the wren. Hiding out in the open. Well, openly in the shade of a pandanus. A strong argument for standing still and and looking, looking, looking at our surroundings.

For now, I lean to the second argument. It's much cheaper, and applies universally.

Elsewhere today, came upon this Lace Monitor on a vacant block in the seaside suburb of Forrest Beach. The 1.2-1.3 metre beauty was taking the morning sun, as reptiles do, with throat and breast directed to the incoming warmth. Took some time to capture the flickering tongue as the animal got a long-range 'taste' of me and vanished into a culvert hidden by the long grass.  


mick said...

All great photos and such a variety of subjects. Those wrens are so very fast but I guess there's hope for the rest of us if it took you 15 minutes to capture the photos. I need more patience!

Gaye said...

hi Tony,

what a fabulous variety of wildlife on your daily rambles. Snakes - I am envious of your sightings of snakes, and that picture is absolutely delightful.


Tyto Tony said...

Hi Mick

Don't look to me for patience. Look to those prepared to sit or lie in a hide for 2-3 hours - day after day!!! See? I'm only a mild obsessive ;-)

Hi Gaye

In truth, I've been surprised at how few snakes are out and about in the present super steamy wet. Sadly, the best python specimens in past fortnight have all been roadkill. :-(

Duncan said...

More good stuff Tony, love the python.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Tony,
You do get good stuff up there, (even rain they tell me). What a variety? Loved the Wren,

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony

I am going to vote for the Goanna - sorry Lace Monitor.
I know how fast those tongue-flicks are.
That's a seriously big beastie.
How many Wren eggs would he eat for Breakfast?
I saw one up a tree last weekend, at Mudgee. They are really good climbers.

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Duncan

Thanks. Background colours took my fancy.

Hi Gouldiae

Night and a day without rain. First for Jan, though huge unstable system hanging around.

Hi Denis

Suburban scraps probably explain some of the healthy bulk. But I've never known a monitor turn down food - from wren's nest or rubbish bin.

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