Monday, February 2, 2009

'Risky' sign over flooded highway

Lot more rain overnight but Cyclone Ellie moderated to a severe low and kept its heaviest efforts well to the north of Ingham. Ellie's falls to the northwest are adding to the Herbert River and it's expected to peak tomorrow at 12+ metres, spilling south to flood streets, yards and under many of Ingham's lower lying high-rise (mainly sitting on 2m piles) houses. Today, surface flooding on the highway and in parts of town was actually receding temporarily after a morning without rain.  

Without noticing the serendipity with camera in hand at 8.30am, the above picture of the highway into town carries a 'Risk-ay' warning (upper centre: ad for casual fashionwear). It was a bit risky for cars with low clearance. But no trouble to an ancient cyclist!

Palm Creek (above) usually flows through the centre of town as a dribble, sadly strewn with litter. For time being it's less litter and more lotta (water). Below, more water, but with a more photographic eye.


Snail said...

Just had a look at the rainfall totals for various spots. South Johnstone copped a bucket or two!

Tyto Tony said...

Yes. We've been 'dry' compared to the 300mm+ they've had up north of Ingham. I feel for Innisfail. People there copped enough from Larry in '06. Tully will be revelling in it as the biggest big gumbooters in the land.

Duncan said...

I think in contrast I'll put up a few photos of the bare ground and dust down here! Dust is laid at the moment though, 4mm of rain out of nowhere. Managed to rake up leaves without disappearing under the cloud.

Tyto Tony said...

See? Some of what I ordered for you is already getting through ;-)

mick said...

Good to hear you are not totally washed away but I'm sure a bit of dry weather would be appreciated. Nice photos - the last two especially.

Tyto Tony said...

Think we're getting some dry weather in March. Good thing Feb's a short month ;-)

Tyto Tony said...

Gidday again to Snail:

Slide Show wanted to take over head of blog. Deleted it till I can bring the beast under control. So it was nifty but ... it's a bit big and ugly, don't you think?

Denis Wilson said...

Welcome, Glug, TOny, Glug!!!
Nice photos of what we have all heard about.
Glad you made it.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Tony,
Glad your safe, (and dry?).
That land of contrasts again. Two of our close friends have just had their homes barely survive the Boolarra fires - they both sound quite traumatised. Both had neighbours that lost everything.
Good to hear you're keeping your head above the water.

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Denis and Gouldiae,

Looks like a 0.5 metre rise into caravan park overnight, forcing early morn shifts to slightly higher parts of park for a few. Herbert River at 12.54m and steady but looks like we'll see higher levels here for a few hours. Probably we'll just make it. If not, it'll have to be boating to get out.

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