Friday, December 19, 2008

Three, two, one - it's all go!

Came upon these three Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) hiding in a Leichhardt tree near the Tyto entrance today. In fact, parent birds gave the game away with their chattering and scolding runs at me. Luck continued when the centre bird tried to burst into sound just as I was snapping. Win some, lose some. Birds above lack the symmetry of same three but with righthand bird turning head left (below). And, sadly, didn't manage to keep all three in sharp focus.

Similar focus failure with these two Brown Honeyeaters (Lichmera indistincta). Kept hoping also that birds would either get into perfect mirror image, or, failing that, form a bill-to-tail circle. Another almost all round.

Finally for the day, one Little Friarbird (Philemon citreogularis) made an unexpected appearance. It turned up head down for much of the short time it spent foraging near me. Very few Little Friars have visited the wetlands in the second half of the year. They like Tulip tree flowers but find them less attractive at this time of year.


mick said...

Great photos again but the first one is exceptional! That new lens was certainly worth it!

Duncan said...

Nothing wrong with the Brown Honeyeater shot Tony, a beaut picture.

James said...

I love the first image. Very well done!

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks, Mick. Think lens deserves sturdier tripod/monopod - and maybe extra light (have to look hard at 2009's budget!).

Gidday Duncan. I know. But you know what it's like when outlandish hope meets chilly reality.

Hi James, thanks for dropping by and commenting from your isle full of nature lovers.

Gaye said...

Excellent captures and observations, Tony.


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