Friday, December 12, 2008

So near and yet still too far

So close, but not quite! It's been one of those weeks. Plenty of action and colour, let down at the final stage by inability to get the killer picture.

Thought I had a sharp shot of this Azure Kingfisher carrying a fish for its nestlings (burrowlings?) yesterday, only to find shaky tripod and high ISO rendered the bird blurred and looking as if I'd gone mad with the saturation slider. On the plus side, the bird went almost straight to the burrow. The minus side? An hour's wait and no more action.

Today, this male Red-backed Fairy Wren carrying a red enticement for females danced here and there on the Scleria. Just wouldn't stay still and unobscured long enough for anything better than this hasty effort - and many others even less successful.

Good pose from a distant White-browed Robin in the shade. This typical robin angled hold on a vertical trunk is seldom seen in Tyto, possibly because White-broweds behave and forage more like flycatchers or fantails most of the time. This bird was taking a short break from nest-sitting.

Finally, this Tawny Grassbird the other day led me a circular dance through long grass and under low trees. Round and round we went, the bird singing heartily and me muttering mightily. It might look a draw, but I think the singer more or less won the day.


Geraldo Maia said...

Tyto Tony,
Beautiful photos of the birds!
The nature in evidence.
From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes:

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Geraldo,

Many thanks. Friendly hellos are always welcome, specially from the land of the beautiful game.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
I am envious of your Kingfisher, even it fit is not quite perfect. A rare sighting down here. Looked like it had a nice meal. Liked your "burrowlings".
Was your Red-backed Wren carrying a "fascinator" for its mate? I assumed it was food. Nice shot.

mick said...

You can afford to have one shaky shot when you have all those others that are really great :-) The 'pose' of the Robin is great.

Duncan said...

Another feast of birds Tony, terrific.

Mosura said...

The kingfisher shot still captures the moment. What a great site!

Tyto Tony said...

Quick sorry! All-in-one replies to Denis, Mick and Duncan vanished. Gone, who knows where.

Denis: Red's to show off mate-worthiness. Never seen any transfer and colour must match male's red back.

Mick: Bird's now refusing to pose anywhere, as eggs are now hatchlings.

Duncan: Good to breakfast with a feast, the dietitians tell us so!

Mosura: Good to see you're alive. Feared possible suicidal tendencies over missing material. Hope it's turned up.

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