Thursday, September 17, 2009

Varied catch, luck for fishers

Varied diet among birds stalking alongside and in the lagoon lately. Eastern Great Egret (above and below) grabbed and scoffed six fish in a 20-minute burst.

Darter didn't do so well with this large catch. It tried many times to flip the fish (about 30cmx12-15cm in my estimate) and catch it head-first. But the bulk and size of the silvery 'monster' proved too much and the fish slipped away.

Little Pied Cormorant did better with slender eel. Took a few false swallows, but eventually the catch slithered to oblivion.

White-necked Herons don't seem too interested in trying for large fish. This bird content to grab small prey from the muddy shallows. Must be satisfying enough. It's been working the western end of the main lagoon for more than two weeks.


mick said...

Great photos - as usual! Your photo technique is enviable but I can now also understand why you wanted a really sharp lens. Definitely worth it!

Lucky said...

Great series showing the food diversity and the hunters. Feel sorry for the Darter but the fish is going to be sore too with a big puncture wound.

Unknown said...

Great Fishing Photos!


Tyto Tony said...

Hi Mick: But now I want longer, sharper ...

Hi Lucky: Fish wasn't skewered so wounds slight. And Darter may have avoided fatal choke on fat catch.

Thanks steve

Andy said...

Wonderful captures!

Unknown said...

Great capture! So does the unlucky eel get swallowed alive?! I wonder if it stood a slim chance of escaping the hungry cormorants stomach if eaten in that condition as well?



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