Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SS Tyto Tony at anchor updated

Looks as if I'm witness to a part of the biggest flood recorded in Ingham. Herbert River peaked at 12.6m+ at Gairloch, east of the town. Low tide at 5am should have helped but water still slowly rising at the caravan park, 3km south of town, at 9.45am. And (revised post) at 4.30pm. Now at the door.

But power's still on, and there's a way to go before van floor goes under. Nowhere to go anyway. Van's anchored as normal cyclone precaution, so it can't float away. And the rain eased off hours ago (then came again); just a smattering of light showers still coming through. Latest word is for gradually drop in waters tonight. Below, site 13 - but any site was unlucky today!

Forest Kingfisher was active as insects were flushed out earlier, but it's mainly the Willie Wagtails benefiting now. Huge flush also of toads and frogs. I expect more cockroaches will sneak aboard the good ship Tyto Tony (seems I was wrong).

I'll leave a Figbird image from sunnier days for last. Here's to blue skies, dry feet and fruitful birding.


mick said...

Wow! Stay safe!

Tyto Tony said...

No worries, Mick!
Cross fingers, rise has stopped, at 1pm. Tiny fall in local levels expected overnight and bit more tomorrow morning. So long as the rain stays away.

Snail said...

Oh, I hope the cockroaches head off in another direction.

No problems with the water supplies?

Snail said...

Oops! I wasn't trying to be (vaguely) humorous about the water supplies, I meant that I hope there's still plenty of potable water around. I guess contamination can be a real problem when there's that much flooding.

I'll go now.

Tyto Tony said...

Nope. So far, so wet, but good enough. Though water began rising again and heavy rain restarted about 2pm, so water lapping at the door. Been putting off renaming files and burning bird CDs, so finally got to it. Now shoving everything as high as room can be found for it. I live by 'less is more', but there's always too much stuff, isn't there?

Duncan said...

Hang in there Tony, I'll get the boat out ready in case you need rescuing.

Tyto Tony said...

Several nice ironies, Duncan. Water here. Boats down there float on dust. Owner here has super boat. Too big to be any use!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
Well Ingham and the Herbert River have been all over the ABC News, here in NSW.
Mostly its just a name of a far-away town in north Qld, but watching your situation develop, day by day, makes it real.
You have out-gumbooted those Tully people, anyway. It is the "Ingham Floods" now.
You have a good sense of humour.
Best wishes.

Gouldiae said...

Oh Gawd Tony, it's at the door? Must be terrible watching the ever rising level and being unable to do too much about it.
Thinking of you,

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