Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dingo tops retail jingle jungle, by jingo!

It's jingle jingle in the retail jungle but we, by jingo, are giving you, free, a ... dingo!

Spied her long way off trotting along the airport fence early today. Stood quietly, pretended to be fence post.

She knew there was something up but only took mild fright after I bade her Good Morning. She (typically) looks in need of, say, (Brush) Turkey and the trimmings. Good luck to her.

Don't fancy turkey? What about Pheasant - Coucal, with Praying Mantis stuffing (about to be stuffed).

No? Cicada then. With Noisy Friarbird, feeding up ahead of mass munching.

Passionfruit? Not strictly festive fare, but 'tis a time of Carpenters, and Beelievers.

Looking even more Christmassy, Mud Wasp, so colourful yet so down-to-earth.

That's this year's stocking, bar a parting shot. For whatever reason nearby big cemetery offers toilet-goers splendid mirror image on approach.

With one foot virtually in grave anyway, what did I have to lose? My dignity? And it's slightly out of focus! Merry Xmas!


Martin C said...

Thank you Tony for all of your wonderful shots and commentary. Over the past few years, your Blog has been one of the highlights of each day.

Now that we have moved from Ingham to Townsville I still look forward to reading your latest posts.

All the best for Christmas.


Tyto Tony said...

And from my new home in Rowes Bay, thank you, Martin.

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