Thursday, November 24, 2016

Woodswallows forgo fork to breed and feed

First morning of retirement village life in Townsville and I'm greeted by White-breasted Woodswallows feeding varied diet to two youngsters at the Town Common..

Seems parent birds chose to nest in hollow at end of dead branch,rather than in substantial deep fork of trees with upright habit, such as many paperbarks.

What the food service lacked in speed was offset by variations of flying prey.

Not sure butterfly wings count for many calories.

Very slim pickings here.

Something a bit more substantial.

And perhaps flying ants for dessert.

A last hurrah on my last Ingham morning in Tyto Wetlands, finally caught up with Lovely Fairy-wren. Little bugger wouldn't stop forage-flitting through thick regrowth. Easy for him. I had to crash through. It could end only one way. Lost him. Here's to chasing and losing birds  whereever they may be. Even if it means Tyto Tony becomes no more than Tryto Tony.

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