Sunday, November 27, 2016

Putting things right with Common insects

Think insects got sold short in Townsville Common coverage yesterday. So went to great lengths to put matters right today. After titanic struggle manhandled reluctant cicada into plastic bag, transported it five kilometres to prime shedding spot, Threatened to nail it to tree if it didn't sit still a spell. So, lo, back view to complement yesterday's Rainbow Bee-eater victim.

Not content with this endeavour, did a little bark-prising and found well-mannered cockroach. Just had to wag finger close to its head and all movement ceased for minute or more. Local spiders failed to respond similarly. They'll learn in time.

And here's the third in insect atonement. An Osprey isn't an insect, you say? Ha, look closer.
Up by the bird's head. See it? Big dragonfly.Not easy to come by, these trained dragonflies. Almost rare as Daenerys Stormborn's sheep barbecuers. Summer is coming to the Common!!!


mick said...

I did wonder what 'biteys' you would find to photograph at your new living place - at least no crocs or big snakes! I have chased and picked up cicadas - but NOT cockroaches! I like the Osprey with or without the dragonfly. Good luck with your new living place and I look forward to more great photos from around there!

Tyto Tony said...

'Tis curious thing, as I've said before, house roaches inspire revulsion, but native roaches mostly do not. At some evolutionary point we presumably would eat any. Once we stopped hunter gathering we would have begun dividing animal and insect life into good guys and bad guys, eating or squashing etc.

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