Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mild murmurs mark more 'Moon-I-see' than lunacy

Moon mania. Not so much madness as mild murmurs of 'Seen it' and quick returns to telly.

Cloudless night up this way, with perhaps touch of mild sky pollution from sugar mill chimneys.

If it had been a rare big bird I'd have rushed 100 metres closer. Doesn't work with the Moon. Not same picture, but three processed with minor variations.

And here's another opinion. Just kidding. Latest image of Barking Owl youngster in tree hollow scarcely hints at fine feathers to come. One day soon it'll shine along with the Moon.

1 comment:

Mostly.Nature said...

Great shots. Lucky you having a clear night. I got a short bit of video through haze ànd cloud. Still, it was a bit of fun. I like the owl shot too. It looks more barking mad than barking owl with that funny expression on its face.

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