Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jumping into smaller world poses questions

Jumping from birds to a few smaller targets poses questions before and after shooting.

Getting close enough for new macro lens (100mm f2.8 IS 1:1macro) to shine means aiming for 20-30cm distance - without scaring subject away.

Seems few creatures really want to star in blogland. And those that reluctantly sit still for a second or two then refuse to be pinned down taxonomically. So, Jumping Spider may be either Cytaea or Opisthoncus spp. - according to my uninformed scanning of various ID sites.

And that's my best effort. Can't find anything at all like above Leaf Beetle. In fact it took a month to find a second of the species. (Afternote: It's a native cockroach nymph. Thanks, Duncan)

Not doing much better with Meat Flies.

Or Grasshoppers. But they look so good! I'll persist - and hope a few names come along.

And, of course, I'll keep an eye on the birds, such as Reed Warbler - mostly too shy to emerge fully from the Tyto scleria.

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