Wednesday, November 6, 2019

High ISO slows high-speed Sunbirds down

Olive-backed Sunbirds light up the understorey with their nest-building comings and goings near the Freshwater hide in the Town Common Conservation Park, Townsville.

Of possible interest photographically pictures taken at very high ISO (25600) and shutter speed (1/8000thsec). Remarkably little 'noise' on sensor for such high settings thanks to Canon 1DX performance. No postprocessing noise reduction used. Need even faster shutter to stop rapid wingbeats.

Tawny Grassbird in Tyto Wetlands (brief return to my old stamping ground - no Grass Owls seen) on Monday easier to freeze in action while hopping along a branch.

Back in the Common today,  Swamp Harrier stirred plenty of fast wingbeats at Melaleuca viewing area as birds feeding below -  already spooked by two White-bellied Sea-Eagles - took off with the wetland predator's arrival.

No feed for the harrier, and nothing for male Dingo crossing the water in front of Jacana hide early this morning. In fact, egrets and ibises nearby barely turned their heads to look. Lacks that lean and hungry look, so perhaps not fullblooded specimen.

Finish on a Peaceful (Dove) note. One of four birds in front of Freshwater hide this morning taking turns to take fast drink and (usually) take off rapidly away from the dangerous area and activity. But this bird chose to puff up a little and show off its subtle colouring.

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