Saturday, October 26, 2019

Look sharp to catch Sharpies in action

Sharp-tailed Sandpipers seem under orders to look sharpish and fly sharpishly at all times. Makes life hard for those trying for action pictures with reflexes no longer so sharp. Took three hours sitting at edge of grass island at Pandanus viewing area, Town Common, Townsville, one day this week to finally catch the high wing stretch the birds almost always use on landing.

And didn't get the entire bird in frame for the only takeoff image captured all week. Needed a bit more luck, on top of faster reaction times.

Got the luck today with so-so flight shots of White-browed Crake, the first two of which came as big surprise as at no time did I see the bird in the viewfinder. If in doubt hit the shutter and hope. Once in every year or so the instinct pays off. It's the great plus of digital, almost no cost to taking 500 or so images for 5-10 keepers.

But failed to get anything usable from much aerial tracking of wee Fairy Martins so resorted to the next big bird that came along overhead, Straw-necked Ibis. No beauty, but looking a wee bit sharp.

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