Saturday, October 19, 2019

Knotted Keelback kicks up stink after road rescue

Bird in the hand worth two in the bush, so what's a snake-in-hand worth? Not two in the grass. Palmful of foul fluids, that's what. Keelback (Freshwater Snake) also gives firm hint about getting knotted after being plucked for its own good off the road in the Town Common, Townsville. Talk about ingratitude.

Also on the road, two of three Lesser Black Whipsnakes writhing together with no apparent purpose. No typical upright coiling tests of strength between males, no pheromone-induced breeding frenzy. The three soon departed the road, leaving behind yet another mystery of nature.

Meanwhile, on the mud at Pandanus viewing area Masked Lapwing enjoys brief respite from aerial blitz by pair of fellow Lapwings. Something about the unwanted bird's dirty face perhaps?

And a Glossy Ibis feeding peacefully in the distance had feathers ruffled by low-diving pair of passing Glossies. The bird's resentment could almost be felt from 50 metres away. 

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