Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fruit-Dove leads way in Common catch-up

Time for bit of catch-up from the Town Common Cons. Pk, Townsville. First with young Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, spotted yesterday in a fig tree right at the park entrance. Still a few weeks from maturity as evidenced by emerging rose crown and unfinished splotches elsewhere.

On opposite side of road, Yellow Honeyeater turns out in dinkum Aussie gold and green.

Plenty happening early morning in the pools in front and beside Payets Tower. White Ibis unusually stayed after several others flew off at my approach.

White-bellied Sea-Eagle thought about going, delayed, then flew seconds later.

White-throated Honeyeater one of several birds taken cautious route to drink from remaining small puddles beneath fallen tree in front of hide.

Nearby, Brown-backed Honeyeater at work putting finishing touches to nest: probably the pair's second nest - or possibly the third - for the year.

Popping up out of the para grass, Golden-headed Cisticola.

Too big to simply pop up, pair of Brolgas allow uncustomary close shots as they stroll across the fast-falling shallows of the main Payets pool.

Along the road, at Melaleuca viewing area, young Australian Raven reveals colours other than the sombre blacks seen under most conditions.

Above, Brahminy Kite also benefits from full morning light on its under surfaces.

Ending on sad note, but that's life! Wandering Whistling Duck started life on pool at Melaleuca with four siblings, and parents. Parents went off. Four siblings vanished. Parents returned 2-3 days later. Trio together for 2-3 days. Parents vanished. Duckling vanished. All three back day later. Parents gone again. Duckling alone. Gone day later. Can't help observing, anthropomorphically, how sad little bird looks in last picture.

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