Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Yellow Wagtails' cool distance creates the blues

Six days of chatting to Siberian visitors and still getting distant treatment and cold shoulder from Yellow Wagtails at Melaleuca viewing area in the Town Common Conservation Park, Townsville.

Perhaps they're from northern Japan and upset by my ignorance of their origin. Or worse, took offence at comments about their - in first two seen - total lack of yellow. Anyway, four birds stayed for more than two weeks last year. Here's hoping for closer sightings in next week or so.

As with Latham's Snipe foraging along edge of Melaleuca pool. Not often seen quite so close.

Bit much to expect sharp shot of Wagtail in flight. Pied Stilt much easier to track through the air.

As also Comb-crested Jacana, till quite recently main resident of the deepest Melaleuca water.

And I'm afraid there's little likelihood of Yellow Wagtail ever posing so perfectly as the Jacana. Pity!

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