Monday, April 3, 2017

Young Dollarbird hints at colour to come

Young Dollarbird obliged by sticking to low perch in the Common today. Lots of colour to come, but that'll have to wait till next season as most of the species are likely off north already.

Bit of cloning done to get rid of some pesky twigs.

Too much to clone out, so Yellow Honeyeater cops a tight crop.

Same with White-throated Honeyeater: does provide close look at feather detail.

Lucky to get any detail of Spectacled Monarch, which flittered through tangled understorey for more than 10 minutes before I could get partially clear view.

Wandered around parking area with this Magpie for a few minutes today. They seem unconcerned by constant chatter from me, in spite of doing most of their hunting by listening for prey underground.

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