Thursday, April 27, 2017

Neat home, but Sac Spiders lack scientific address

Sac Spider? Why are you showing us another Sac Spider? We don't like spiders very much.

I know, but look at this. About 6cm x 4cm, robust, roomy, rainproof. Built by female Sac Spider to house herself and many tiny young. Juniors will stay safely inside after leaving her egg sac and emerge as third instars (growing out of two exoskeletons) .

Some will grow on to survive as adults - often tucked neatly inside leaves carefully stuck together,
from which they'll emerge to hunt at night.

So what? Common spider. Common behaviour. Commonplace at the Common and elsewhere. Well, Cheiracanthium spp have problems. "Identification ... is impossible as no modern taxonomic treatment exists," (A Guide to the Spiders of Australia). Long-legged, Slender; descriptives only.


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