Monday, March 1, 2010

Lookout, look out, look up, look down

When the birds won't come close, what to do? Well, landscape doesn't flee from the camera. Though effective capture isn't so easy! Above, Tyto lookout (seen in a sunnier month) from the west across part of the main lagoon. Complete with Green Pigmy Geese, Agile Wallaby and Intermediate Egret.

Here's a waving mass of scleria framed by the Tyto hide paperbarks, being breezed about during a brief break from rain yesterday.

And the millions spent on Tyto lately must be worth a picture. Lookout tower at end of elevated walkway linking info centre and new restaurant and community complex overlooking northeastern end of the wetlands. From the stalag steel school of architecture.

Theme continues through this one of two footbridges (viewed from walkway). The Muscovy female and her huge male partner love it down there.


Snail said...

The tower does look a little as though there should be someone keeping a watch for Steve McQueen on a motorbike. Still, I suppose it will last for a while!

I zipped past to and from Townsville the other weekend. Next time I'll make sure I have enough time to stop.

Boobook said...

Goodness! That's got style.

mick said...

Very interesting photos - and the lookout is - well it definitely is eye-catching! What exactly can you see from up there? Apart from a wide-angle view that is?

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Bronwyn: Probably wise, not stopping. Lowest bird count of the year, and ferocious mozzies (under the trees, not so much around lagoon edges).

Hi Mick: To right of tower as seen in pic, you overlook new lagoons, and distantly toward start of wetlands. Looking from left, rooftop Ingham CBD and bit of suburbia.

Denis Wilson said...

Saw the original of that "watchtower" in (former) East Germany, just after the Wall came down.
Not funny.
What were they thinking - putting that structure in your beautiful duck-pond?

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