Friday, March 5, 2010

Catching a kingfisher; losing a digit

How to catch a Little Kingfisher. First train spiders to spin super strong line ... Nah. See bird on bridge wire. Shoot dud pictures today against harsh morning light (the rain stopped Monday: sunshine ever since: who sez season should change with equinox?) Start to delete pictures. Notice strand appearing to tether bird. Sneaky wee bit of cloning adds to illusion.

It's a little better than Brown Falcon caught briefly from rolling car yesterday.

And much better than Bar-shouldered Dove caught at start of flight early in week.

February counts: 91 bird species in Tyto: 89 in 2009; 94 in 2008.

Last word: Telstra and Tyto Tony tangle and tango no more. tonyashton1 AT bigpondbastards DOT com loses a digit (bit like Frodo in a way) and gains freedom as tonyashton0 AT gmaildonoevil DOT com. May the satanic $249 modem melt in the fires of hell, or Mordor.

1 comment:

mick said...

Good luck with the new net gear and mail. You persisted with the old ones much longer than my patience would have held out.

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