Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dragonflies on the menu

Quick look at three dragonflies, one of which didn't get away. First up, a common sight in Tyto, Graphic Flutterer (Rhyothemus graphiptera - so I'm told: not in TNQ guide: click pic to enlarge).

Less common, but called the Common Glider, Trapezostigma (Tramea) loewii.

Last, and lasting only as a brief course for an Australian Reed-Warbler (Acrocephalus australis), uncertain species but may be female Common Glider. Bad luck or fatal snooze for the dragonfly, because Reed-Warblers seldom leave cover to feed and I've never seen one take such prey in the air.


mick said...

You get some amazing photos and that last one definitely has the "wow" factor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, I would have to agree with Mick's comment re that last photo!
"Dragonflies of Australia" by G. Theischinger & J.Hawking list your second Dragonfly as Tramea loewii and funnily enough give it the common name of - "Common Glider".
That's a great photo of Rhyothemis graphiptera; it is the only Rhyothemis species we haven't seen here. It's very interesting comparing the species at Tyto with our observations here.

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Mick: The wow would have been better closer to the action. Taken from the hide while waiting for the Crimson Finches to quit their nest - which they went and did without my :-(

Hi Barbara: Thanks for the info. I'm sure your ref is more recent than mine, but I'll let name stand and trust followers to read the comments too. Odd, though, I'd say it's the least common of the large reds seen in Tyto. Pity that dragonflies haven't yet gained comprehensive cover on the web.

Boobook said...

You've come up trumps again Tony. Great series.

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