Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can't collar the Azures

And today's mystery visitor to the Azure Kingfisher tunnel site in the rainforest is ... a Collared Sparrowhawk. Just a fast flash through the tallest trees, about five metres below the canopy and gone again - followed by a few shrill honeyeater warning calls (too late, as usual).

Got a bit crowded at times. Large-billed Gerygones at nest, Willie Wagtail working bank, Shining Flycatchers too, Brown-backed, MacLeay's, Brown, and Graceful Honeyeaters here and there, White-browed Robin and Little Shrike-Thrush poking about, Fairy Gerygones and Silvereyes near forest's edge, Spectacled Monarch and higher up an Emerald Dove at speed and Pied Imperial Pigeons passing by.

But no sight or sound of Azures. Will quit the area for a week and try again next month. (Gently measured tunnel with a soft branch: 75cm straight in!

Quick Tyto circuit chanced upon Crimson Finches continuing to line their tree-trunk nest with white feathers. Thought you might like another burst of colour (bit noisy - still playing with high ISO settings).


mick said...

Those are spectacular! White feathers to line the nest of a red colored bird is amazing - wonderful - already said spectacular so can't use that one again.

Duncan said...

Brilliant Tony.

Tyto Tony said...

Sure are bright, Mick, aren't they? Forgot to mention the nest is in tree close by the paperbark being used by Brown-backed Honeyeaters, which again today were no-shows at their part-built nest.

I've been trying to get really close to a few other Crimsons, Duncan, so far without great success. Hard birds to close in on.

Gouldiae said...

Good work Tony. I've only ever seen a Crimson Finch in an aviary set up.
I think I've said it before - not too much wrong with our Aussie finches is there?

Mosura said...

Great selection of exotic birds. (Exotic for a Tasmanian that is)

Tyto Tony said...

You're right there, Gouldiae. Be even nicer if we all had a few healthy Gouldians about our places including Tassie, for Mosura! ;-)

And while on subject, for those interested in the finest bird pictures I've seen this year see Mountain Man's photo essay entry at
Stunning pix and story quality,

Tyto Tony said...

Sorry all, might be easier if I provide direct link to the Gouldian post:,3836.0.html

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