Monday, December 31, 2018

Who needs fireworks when nature's such a blast?

Nine o'clock and pre-midnight fireworks for families boom in the background. What can compete?
Too far from poles to dream of auroras, no lightning storms expected. Never fear, nature's here. Day or two early, but fireworks prep began months ago. So, here's Double Happy at the common.

And there's the pot of gold spot at right of picture. I've plenty so have left it all in place for others.

So, 2018. Sometimes it crawled along but suddenly it's ending with dash and splash, just as turtle poised on Ross River stump's about to do. Turtles beside the bank, banks' good names turned horribly turtle!

Lesson from the Common yesterday: big and powerful needs to watch it. Sneaky Black Kite spooks mighty White-bellied Sea-eagle. Panicky plunge from power perch. Mighty eagles? Hmm, a few nations to choose from. Course, Australia fears only All Black Kiwis!

And wouldn't it be wonderful if our leaders' motives carried at least some semblance of the transparency offered by Nankeen Kestrel.

Or the resolution and steadiness of purpose into buffeting headwinds of White-breasted Woodswallow at Cape Pallarenda today.

Meantime, I'll stick to my Hobby even if it means feathers (birds') must fly and bit of blood (often mine) must be shed.

Finally, seeing New Year in, junior Brush Turkey. The only youngster I've seen in two years' birding at Cape Pallarenda, BT paradise. An omen of sorts? Who knows. Here's to 2019 anyway.

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