Monday, December 24, 2018

Santa works magic on glimpse of Paradise present

Isn't Santa just Christmas? Asked North Pole person (PC post!) to magic iffy shot of Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher and Ho Ho Ho job's done.

Seems it's once a year deal only. So I've asked for stocking full of post-processing tips. And a flasher monitor. And digiscoping. And ... Too greedy? Well, aren't we all, this time of year?

Always up for gifts of grace from Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. Female incoming above at Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park yesterday.

And another outgoing after feeding on Xmas mix of tree nuts and fallen seeds.

Earlier present from almost same location in the park, Yellow-throated Miner, beside itself after being told no other member of species seen or listed previously at the site.

Get a close up of my throat, it said. See. See why I'm a Yellow-throated.

And how about a side view? (Bit of a bighead, this bird).

Not, however, so big as Tawny Frogmouth, present at Ross River Bush Garden. One of three shifting from night to night to keep everyone guessing next morning.

Also present nearby, Striated Heron poised on lily pad.

Finally, return to Pallarenda for lovely Lovely Fairy-wren. Female needs some of the Santa magic to perfect the picture.

But  she'll have to do, for the present.


Martin C said...

Those pictures are beautiful Tony. You must have worked hard to get the right angle on the Kingfisher. Where was the Kingfisher? I am hoping somewhere not too far from Townsville.

mick said...

I am all in favor of your presents from Santa as long as you keep sharing the results with the rest of us!
For now the Kingfisher is great!

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks both. Nowt but luck and hours invested, Martin. While I was pointing at my bird in Ross River Bush Garden, fellow birder John Lowry had another in his viewfinder. But we appear of scores who've seen the kingfishers to be only ones to sight the pair.

All the best to you both for 2019

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