Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Young Osprey near flight into world of wonder

Juvenile Osprey taking interest today in aerial world it's near ready to join.

And female (pictured when junior was still inside shell) less anxious about movement close to nest.

At other end of the conservation park, Red-backed Fairy-wrens' two youngsters quit their hole in the ground some time yesterday afternoon.

So female no longer needs to remove excreta. She also appears to have shed part of workload.

Male today was making many more food deliveries to the yound birds - which went from hole-bound yesterday to ground sprinters this morning. But they ran in different directions, forcing parents to hunt about and listen to the high begging calls.

Feeding nearby the other day, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike with tree frog plucked from the pandanus. It didn't last long.

Meantime, here's the food. Guess the feeder. Who'd have thought Australian Ravens went for Dodder vine fruit? Pair spent about five minutes yesterday gobbling ripe (rather sweet) and unripened fruit.

Finally, no, it's not a big golden cheese. Big Moon from last week. Rather sweet too, though untasted.

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