Sunday, August 20, 2017

Blue-wing Kookaburra, Brown Snake stars in ratty doco

Wildlife docos are mostly unwatchably phoney these days. False juxtapositions of predators and prey,  wranglers prodding fauna into near studio setups for the cameras and presenters, unacknowledged jumps between nations, soundtracks offering Northern Hemisphere birds in Australia, and vice versa.
In keeping with such standards, a life and death battle from the Townsville Town Common Conservation Park.

Snake-gobbling Blue-winged Kookaburra atop pandanus stump spots target.

Watch out, lethal Brown Snake - hot on the scent of ... what?

Blue-wing takes another look, gauging the moment to deliver killer grab.

Unaware of danger, snake continues towards its target.

Here it comes. Oops, what's that shadow.

And who let the rat meant for the snake die and left it on the bonnet? Cut! Cut! Cut!
Tell the bloody snake to bugger off.

Kookaburra quits showbiz and returns to the trees.

Another Tytotony Studios Production.  Photogear by Canon.Vehicle by Toyota.
Kookaburra by roadside. Brown Snake ex-tarseal. Rat pickup part.

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