Sunday, August 6, 2017

Oriole gets the juices flowing

Yummy! Self-creaming breakfast. Olive-backed Oriole gets juices flowing in the Townsville Common yesterday after bashing caterpillar catch against a branch. Two Orioles were among a wee wave of insectivores not often seen in the park recently.

In the same casuarina as the Oriole, immature Rufous Whistler takes smaller prey. (Seen in same tree, but no usable images, Restless Flycatcher and Spectacled Monarch).

Today, came across Rainbow Bee-eater intent on tiny prey emerging from road metal. Tiny flying ants, I think, though nothing found upon search after bird flew off.

Easier task obtaining food for granivores. But Double-barred Finch mistimed grab at tiny flower, presumably carrying wee seed. Several finches were busy picking at the plants.

Nutmeg Mannikin (formerly Spice Finch, latterly Scaly-breasted Munia: what goes round ...) sticks to grass seed. (An uncommon four flocks of 8-16 Nutmegs seen this morning, about double usual numbers).

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