Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Panoramas from paradise

Freezing cold (well, about 15C: you must allow for us thin-blooded types) start to Tyto mornings this week, but glorious days. Above, el cheapo (iPod) pano from lookout at main lagoon. Below, a few days earlier and quite a few degrees more:

First bird of note today, female Jabiru (Black-necked Stork) stalking edge of kidney lagoon near beginning of walking tracks to the main lagoon.

Much later in morn, in paperbark not far from where the Jabiru had been, Little-pied Cormorant shows the flexibility of its webbed feet. No trouble securely clutching branches, or converting to underwater speedster when in pursuit of fish.

And yet another from the same kidney lagoon late in morn, Great Egret yawns after swallowing small prey, revealing long thin tongue.

Giving tongue elsewhere in several places, White-gaped Honeyeater pauses for a second in relatively clear setting near bridge leading to lookout. White-gapeds and Yellow Honeyeaters provide much of the shriller sounds within Tyto.

No action on maps and signage, but most tracks freshly mown. And the days look set to stay glorious. Another week in paradise!

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