Saturday, June 25, 2016

Forest Kingfisher in contorted takeoff

Not a strange new species for Tyto, rather a Forest Kingfisher caught in contorted shape on takeoff after I just missed the ugly, angular spread-wing display they use - I think - to gain size and express dominance.

Seconds before takeoff, the shapelier side of the bird.

Another showing rather different look in Tyto this morning, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike with striking opalescence. Bit too much flash, I'm afraid. Oddly, I've not noticed the effect when studying or  photographing the species in full sun.

On to yesterday's mixed bag. No live sightings of Eastern Grass-owls lately because their Tyto habitat is flooded, but male bird above lay dead beside a road through cane fields.

Even less often seen Small-eyed Snake roadkill victim further along same road. Not a snake to mess with when alive.

One for fun to finish. White-lipped Green Tree-frog at Palm Tree Caravan Park on palm branch with natural 'cooking basket'. Weaver Birds do pretty fair job in Africa, be great for tourism to have Weaver Frogs in Ingham. But this one's all the work of grey nomad chef passing through.

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