Thursday, October 15, 2015

Terza rima for my Beatrice, Anna V

Yellow Oriole takes to the blue beyond ...

... and Anna V,  my Beatrice, Italy and  Port Douglas,
has gone too, probably to somewhere in South America

At Paluma Falls on a divine day
Along the way a comely vision came
Name of Anna V but Beatrice,

The dream darling of Dante, she became.
Guide in Aligheri's allegory,
Beauty and sweet reason shine in her name.

If only my weak art led to such glory
As matched the desire to praise
To the skies - with God as my jury

Without lust or lies - the warmest gaze,
Open mind and eyes, the touching play
Of trusting hand and gentle winning ways.

Her name is Anna V but Beatrice
Is she to me, her wannabe Dante.

Terza rima Tony


Jackwin said...

Tony, an interesting post which I don't understand at all. Any help? Jack

Tony Ashton said...

Love! Platonic or otherwise, there is no help for it.

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