Monday, October 12, 2015

My Red-bellied Black too late to claim fame

Learned the other day my various images of Red-bellied Black Snakes held significance beyond their dubious technical qualities. Seems the northern sub-race, race or species (taxonomy up in air) has not be formally introduced and described. Or something ... see here for much detail.

So, too late to claim any laurels, here's another look at a one-metre specimen found snoozing in the morning sun along Palm Creek on Mungalla Station the other day. Shy, as always, snake snuck off into thicker grass once I got out of its way.

Another friend of older vintage, 'my' Tyto Saltwater Crocodile, popping up on old sunning spot in main lagoon, many months after last sighting. And the really good news, the croc trap has gone down the road to needlessly chase another old favourite, a longtime resident in Cattle Creek.

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