Monday, June 28, 2010

Ulysses continue to flutter by

Ulysses (Papilio ulysses) butterflies close wings upon landing and thus hide their startling blue colours. Their erratic and swift fluttering makes photography difficult.

Almost got the full blue image in Tyto yesterday, only to have butterfly turn and offer underside view as it left tulip tree flowers.

More Grey Goshawk chasing but this Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles) the only usable picture after five clear sightings. Lapwings sped down main lagoon, tailed half-heartedly by the goshawk, which had probably been chasing other prey.

Also in the air over the lagoons, White-bellied Sea-Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster), and an Eastern Great Egret (Ardea modesta), on Saturday. Egrets and ducks all take off when sea-eagles appear. Wisely. Big raptors have big appetites. (Today, more panic with Swamp Harrier taking keen interest reed shallows at western end of lagoon.)

An earlier picture shows egrets don't offer much meat. Wouldn't want to live on pickings from those wings!


mick said...

Beautiful color in the photo of the butterfly on the flowers. I especially like the photo of the Sea Eagle and the Egret together in the one photo.

Snail said...

You did well to catch the Ulysses. They're so active. Next summer, I think I might try to decoy the males with bright blue paper, so I can bring them closer in.

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks Mick. Was going to comment on egret seeming to be chasing the eagle.

Hi Snail: I know it's generally accepted that some butterflies like colours similar to their own. But I've worn electric blues many times and never found any interest at all.

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