Thursday, September 5, 2019

Bee-eater takes flight but others show no fright

Rainbow Bee-eater took flight this morning in the Townsville Town Common but a few other birds have been more camera friendly lately.

None more so than immature White-eared Monarch. Almost perched on lens today. Too close to focus. Naturally, whizzed away far beyond reach when it did decide to go. So, picture from earlier in week.

Yesterday, male Leaden Flycatcher had plenty to say along fire break between road and golf course. If the bill was turned a little more the bird might present as one of those bird or rabbit illusions.

Bit of a puzzle with juvenile Black-necked Storks this week. Three youngsters became four  yesterday. Seems a loner turned up and more or less joined the regular trio. Today, loner alone. No sign of juniors. Above, female parent yesterday.

Much smaller and harder to gain focus on, Fairy Gerygone two days ago stayed still long enough for an almost sharp shot.

And here's a reminder of the golden rule: don't be lured to eating fruit and berries because the birds in the bush are gobbling them up. Here's an Australian Raven chomping into Black or Deadly Nightshade. Black is deadly and ripe Deadly is black. Stick to Blackberries and leave black berries well alone.

Last, reminders of Tyto Wetland days in Ingham with one of the Common's Crimson Finches. Not many to be seen for a few months but they're popping up here and there these days. Not always quite so prettily as this male.

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