Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Stubby-tailed gecko spotted in leaf litter

Quick grab at leaf litter got reptile new to my Townsville list in the bag briefly at the Town Common. At first sight it seemed Northern Spotted Velvet Gecko had sacrificed tail - survival strategy to distract predators with wriggling discard. But the stubby tail is characteristic of species.

Not so stubby toes characteristic of Comb-crested Jacana. Explains how species seems able to walk on water (with help of minimal vegetation) and thus is still known by some as the Jesus bird.

Standing grounded, or, as in this case, samphired, characteristic of Australian Pipit. Bird's-eye view for this species most often means close underfoot. Desired bird's-eye camera angle means photographer must also get grounded.

Or not fully, perhaps. Samphire bokeh behind the bird adds 'colour' lacking from lower angle. And a quirky side note: the bird's feet and legs look almost like organic offshoots to or from the bird. Worth getting bum wet and muddy for, I reckon.


World of Animals, Inc said...

Thanks for posting these great photos. You would think the Velvet Gecko's tail was shorter to escape predators. Looking forward to more and hoping you find greater animals to take photos of.
World of Animals

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks for thanks. As to tails and predators, most prey cop it in the neck or thereabouts. Tail discarding must be be problem for those species that communicate through tail sign language though. And tail loss can lead to death by shock to system.

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