Monday, March 19, 2018

Long, long time to find short, short snake

It's only taken nearly forever to find the supposedly common Red-naped Snake. But then I don't live in Ipswich where gardens are said to be alive with the small harmless cuties.

Specially small and cute when found as pint-size (20cm) juvenile under a dead log near the Townsville Town Common entry gate. So, within, say, another lifetime should find a 40cm adult. Lot of logs to be shifted.

No need to shift logs to find bad-tempered Carpet Python sunbathing in Payets Tower. That big lump at the rear helps explain the don't-mess-with-me attitude.

Uncertainly tempered at best of times, Carpets dislike being approached when weighed down with a heavy meal. Argument that the tower is for people not snakes made no headway.

Another Common-dweller appreciative of human structures, Mud-dauber Wasp, in gentle pursuit of gathering nectar (in competition with honeyeaters). Gentle as compared with waspish habit of paralysing prey and popping it into mud nest as food for solitary implanted embryo's first meal.

Kingfishers enjoy frogs. But, what species of frog?  The birds don't care what dwarf green tree frog they're bashing on branches and gulping down. Scan of field guides and online pictures didn't turn up frog with strong black marking from flank and across eye. Questions, always questions.

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