Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Silly-Billy Frilly willy-nilly uphilly

Frilled Lizards like a spot of sunbathing on or near the ground after a spell of rain. Warmth then can make them a bit dozy as danger nears. Which can lead to a mad scramble up the nearest tree. Not all trees offer sanctuary.  Outcome: Frilly stuck between impossible ascent and risky descent. No way up smooth trunk. Camera-wielder below.

Maybe same lizard a day later, secure in grip on smaller coarse-barked tree.

Running into thick cover rather than climbing needs thought before presenting back to danger.

Sitting still can work, but parking rails don't allow any blending into the background.

Nor does posing atop sawn-off old trunk.

Just as well most people just want to admire nature . . .

. . . even as they persist in trying to improve upon it - just a little!


1 comment:

awildland said...

Beautiful collection of images Tony.

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