Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Young Brolga stands out from the rest

Looks a bit lost in full frame image from Pandanus viewing point in the Town Common but maturing Brolga more trusting than the few others to be seen roaming in the distance.

Walked up on bird yesterday morning and ended openly close to it and chatting about this and that.

Of special interest, much younger bird lately seen with parents more than twice its size. Can't remember ever seeing Brolga near Ingham with any but flying juveniles. Got no help with this question.

Also in the area, returning pair of Bush Stone-curlews. Problem: heavy traffic at their preferred site, hard beside road. Compare distrusting look above ...

... with relaxed pose of one of 24 sunning recently in the city's Anderson Park.

Also on ground for a few days, scruffy parasite-afflicted Magpie Lark. Mud-grubbing species appears subject to both more unwanted passengers and facial diseases.

Not such a risk for Horsfields Bronze-cuckoo, which will feed on and near ground but spends much time calling from atop highest tree in the area. Bird above teased for a week before coming within shot.

Similar story with Sacred Kingfisher, another more often seen flashing off into the distance.


Martin Cordery said...

Beautiful photos today Tony. The young Brolga is fabulous.
Thank you


Tony Ashton said...

Thanks, Martin. You're up early, mate!

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