Sunday, July 2, 2017

Black-throated Finches rouse old memories

Quick trip to Oak Valley - just southwest of Townsville - yesterday to look for endangered Black-throated Finch refreshed memories. Fourteen years after spotting pair in tree near creek on boundary of the nature reserve found another two birds.

Flash of colour in tree on creek bank about 40 metres away, brief hop and stop. Grab quick burst of shots, lose focus, regain focus, lose birds. Gone, just as they did 14 years ago. Hang around. Nothing. Just like 14 years ago. More trees - and many more newly planted. But no good news for native grasses and, therefore, the finches. Huge contraction in their original (pre-European) range has left a few shrinking pockets of the species struggling against inexorable habitat changes. I've been lucky again - no such luck for the Black-throated Finch.

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