Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Snarky snake turns from defence to offence

Ooo, look, poor old Carpet Python caught in double link fence keeping unwanteds out of airfield alongside Townsville Town Common Conservation Park.

Better help before a predator comes along, perhaps one of the four-wheeling variety: 'The only good snake is a dead snake!'

Ooo, but look, scene's not what it seems. Snake not stuck. Doesn't want any help. Wants closer taste of something in front of it.

Sneaky snake. Trying to bite hand, or worse, of helper.

Ooo, look, set to strike. Time to put Ipod down and speak sternly to snarky ingrate. Wasted words, of course. Bad-tempered, Carpets. Put camera between us. Better snake spittle on lens than teeth in Tony. Taken more than seven months to find big snake in the common. Worth the wait!

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