Friday, June 16, 2017

You're telling birds to live in holes like this?

Think it's tough finding a home these days? Well picture a world where millions of prime sites are destroyed daily. So eight visiting Sulphur-crested Cockatoos get excited by burned-out trunk a self-respecting bird wouldn't have pooped in years ago.

Didn't take long for the raucous inspectors to recognise an unlivable hole and move on.

At almost same time five Red-tailed Black cockatoos show interest in Moreton Bay Ash just 40 metres away. A few tentative  nibbles at the bone-hard wood ends any hopes of enlarging holes. The five fly to top of another ash to crunch on nutritious nuts.

Close by, male Black-necked Stork, having found right site, makes way, sneakily, to northeast with another delivery of grass to line nest (usually wide platform).

Just up the road, Australian Raven selects somewhat scratchier lining for typical large messy bowl of twigs, near top of another big ash.

Making itself at home - but almost certainly not looking to nest - Northern Fantail goes quietly about its business.But not quietly enough. Gentle 'chuff chuff' gives it away. Not a common visitor to the Common, I'm told.

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