Sunday, June 4, 2017

Whipsnake too fast for skink

The action came almost underfoot in the Common today with a Lesser Black Whipsnake whizzing from long grass after striking Striped Skink.

Sorry about image quality. Too close for long lens on camera so had to press Ipod into service.

Also close to underfoot, but far enough away for lens, female Leaden Flycatcher obviously enjoying bit some morning sunshine.

And showing off some 'under foot', Red-backed Fairy-Wren takes an unexpected jump, No flash being used so jump just one of those things.


john said...

Remarkable photo of the fairy wren. Also a beautiful snake. Can I assume that it is poisonous since it killed the skink?

Tony Ashton said...

Hi John,

Moderately venomous. I was surprised how quickly the skink lost most movement, assuming what I first saw was the strike (and not a followup strike). Snakes though are not fussed about swallowing live prey, so long as it's not something that can bite back.

Unknown said...

Awesome picture of wren!

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