Monday, January 2, 2017

Great Bowerbird get hopes (and hops) up

Caught tail-end of excited Great Bowerbird hopes (and stiff-legged hops) near Town Common entry gate yesterday. But missed the most colourful nape crest flashing by male.

And didn't get close enough during the action to get chaser and chased (chaste?) together. Didn't actually get close early enough to swear that chased was a female, and not some cheeky trouble-making male come to steal bower material or otherwise cause trouble,

Will keep an eye on things and see what develops. The bower builder will just have to chew things over a bit longer.

Meanwhile, later in the day what developed was warmish grass fire. It swept right through almost all of the first of my planned 500-metre radius bird listing areas. In consequence all that met the eye this morning was blackened ground, much charred lower foliage, burning logs, and seven Black Kites mopping up crispy treats. It'll make for interesting listing, compared to unburnt areas. Assuming some areas do remain fire-free this season. It wouldn't take much - chance or design - to blacken hundreds of hectares.

Can't be sure what may have befallen grass dwellers. Hiding in holes can't be a very sure survival method. And climbing trees has several limitations, not least as seen with Frilled Lizard, surprised on road the other day.

Easy to sprint up first tessellated section of Morton Bay Ash. But then comes the smooth section of bark. Life in the wild means taking rough with the smooth - and smooth with the rough.


Ken Cross said...

Hi Tony
Great pictures! The lizard, though, is a Frilled neck Dragon rather than a bearded.

Could i email you about a few birding and Ingham related questions?

Tony Ashton said...

Thanks, Ken. I was just about to correct my mistake. Got wires crossed after misreading some reptile info. By all means email (address on blog page):


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