Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mistletoebird jumps to it, others not so lively

Female Mistletoebird jumps to it after collecting nest material from palm trunk at Tyto Wetlands.

Tried backtracking bird to nest today but flight across water sunk my sleuthing.

Northern Fantail sitting pretty after putting finishing touches to neat cup nest with little dangling tail.

Brown-backed Honeyeater spends almost a week building nest alongside the Tyto hide. Change of mind yesterday and bird seen pulling apart new nest and shifting materials to less open site 20m away.

Shifting no more, seldom seen Giant Centipede on Tyto track becomes food for the ants. Do not mess with the painful biters if alive.

Spikier, but friendlier, Bearded Dragon seldom bites, preferring to play dead if caught out in the open.

1 comment:

Mosura said...

Here be dragons.

Great shots! Love the dragon lizard.

Never seen a Mistletoebird the whole time I lived in N.S.W. Finally saw one in S.A in 2014.

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